American HisLato Confederation, Inc.

Business Name: American HisLato Confederation, Inc.
First Name: Jerry
Last Name: Hernandez
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The mission of American HisLato Confederation, Inc. ™ seeks to promote traditional and nontraditional educational access and advancement to underrepresented HisLato youth and young adults regardless of economic status.


“Inspiring, Empowering, Endowing”

To cultivate the future of America by investing in the largest
minority group in the nation, Hispanic/Latinos (HisLato).

To unite Hispanic/Latinos with a common identity, elevate and advance all by inspiring them to achieve, empowering them to unite, and endowing them with unique educational scholarship opportunities.

HisLato – Hispanic/Latino of Spanish Heritage as defined in Directive No. 15.
The term HisLato was synthesized by the founder to bring contextual meaning to the term thereby unifying all of Spanish ancestry regardless of race, or ethnicity, as a singular identifier. The first letter of the abbreviated term is capitalized in respect of proper nouns.

State: FL
ZIP Code: 34205
Business Phone Number: 1-256-447-5286
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